Friday, February 8, 2013

What matters is now!

The time we take now is what will matter, thinking you will take time later won't matter! What we do with our time now will make more of a difference in our lives.  When we plan for a future we do not have yet, and set our sights and live our lives toward that end we miss all that's in the middle and before. Again I love what the bible says about time.

In the 6th Chaper of Matthew we see Jesus teach on this very thing, the thing we worry about most, really right now it is not how we will eat, and be clothed, etc. It is the very thing He says in vs. 34-Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. See what is said in the last part of that verse?

We have enough right now to take care of or even worry about, though worry is something He is teaching about not giving your time too! It is right now this very moment that will determine the rest of your day, week, and even the Month! Depending what you put your importance in and what you feel really matters at the time. But now is what should matter the importance of now is the very thing some people are getting a handle on.

I probably write these posts more for myself than anyone else as I have always felt time stressed and time shorted. It was not until I took my wife, Karen's advice to sit down and write about something. For the longest time I felt I had nothing to say or for that matter I really did not have the time. What I found was when I just sat down and started doing this is, hey, I have time and more then I could even imagine and I am still getting to the rest of my responsibilities!

What I found was I had been looking too far ahead and not living for right now. I was experiencing disappointment because I could never reach my goals, something seemed always happen to throw me off that future time frame I had set. So I started slowing down and thinking what could I write about? TIME!! Something I had none of because I was not seeing what was right in front of me, my sights were set to far in advance I was missing now.

So you know you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain if you stop and do an evaluation and a reality check. To put your time into what really matters and stop wasting it on what does not matter, a future you are not garunteed. The time we take now is what will matter, thinking you will take time later won't matter!