Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How precious is your time?

Time will be as precious as you feel you are and only have the value you feel your worth! Sometimes we feel we do not deserve the time we need because we are confused about the value of ourselves. We ask ourselves do I really deserve the time, have I really earned it? Well as far as God is concerned, a resounding yes goes there.

In the book of Genesis God Himself said,"Let us make man in our own image and likeness." Genesis 1:26-28. Wow! Now that is a special statement that we all need to hear and help us refocus our value. God made us precious, and even made us in His image. Putting that in perspective God was simply saying we are special in His sight because when he looks at us he sees His investment of time.

Now that said, when we take that preciousness and discard it, or treat is as a thing of no value, what are we saying to ourselves? God must not love me or care to allow me to struggle like this? Why when I look in the mirror do I not see something of value, something worth taking some time for? Well that right there is taking some time, time to evaluate your worth. Time to take a look at you in the light of how God created you.

Every time we stop and take a look that is time taken. Now how you use that time is certainly up to you! You can use it and see the devalued you, or you can see something of greater value! A creation of God made in His image a priceless piece of work that He took time to form just right. That special you that He loves and wants to have a relationship with.

If you do not have a relationship with the Father, now is the time. Now is the time you ask Jesus to make you new, change you as only He can! To put that price tag of value back on you that you see yourself as your Creator sees you, precious! Romans 10:9-13 do this and watch your value in yourself go up.Time will be as precious as you feel you are and only have the value you feel your worth!