Thursday, February 21, 2013

Priorities priorities!

If your time is so important to you, then put a higher value on it and spend some on yourself! I have found for myself, that whatever I put importance into that is what I do. The same thing needs to go for our taking time for ourselves. If we put the same value in what we feel we do not have, time, we would spend some more on ourselves!

Why the importance of this taking time for ourselves? Well I have found and also read in many articles and counseling information. This is an area that is lacking in our lives and our relationships. We cannot work on anything if we do not take the time. We cannot solve issues we may have with someone if we do not take the time to listen to their side of things.

There is a reason for this it is called caring. About who you ask? Well, you for starters. If you find the importance to resolve conflict in your life, or take time to rest and renew yourself. You will find that your worry lessens, your stress level goes down, and you caring level rises. You find the importance of listening and seeing what is going around you.

You tend to slow down and listen to what others around you are saying, and there is value in that. If we are spending to much time assuming we know whats going on. We are wasting our valuable time! We are playing a guessing game that adds to the stress of our lives. Why not deal with the facts, what we know is true, slow down catch our breath and set some reasonable priorities?

When we do this we will see real change in those around us why? Because we have changed. When we value ourselves we value others. This is not a selfish thing this is something, that if we do it, can really be an encouragement to all around us. If your time is so important to you, then put a higher value on it and spend some on yourself!