Friday, February 15, 2013

Feel good time!

If feel good time feels good then why would you not take more time to feel good? I have heard many people reminisce how good they felt taking some self time to recoup. Then on the other hand, heard them complain because they cannot or will not take that time now! And it gets me wondering, if it felt that good to take the time why then would you not want to do it again?

It is like the Hebrews in the wilderness, they just kept missing the point as God poured His blessing upon them. They would come to a bump in the road and quickly forget the feel good time God had given them. They had lost what they had because they refused to savor what they had gotten. They got caught up in what they could not do or what they felt had lost. ( Exodus )

We do the same thing when we take that time to get refreshed. We quickly forget how good it felt because of all the bumps in the road. We allow ourselves to get distracted from what is important, some proper rest and time to renew and refresh ourselves. We will reflect on it but we do not take it why? Because we forgot what we had done in the first place to get there.

What we need to do is reflect on that feel good time and plan it the same as we did in the past. Distractions or not we need to refocus our attention and set healthy priorities. We need to set our thinking on this. If we did it once why not again? Look at what you did to plan before and just repeat those steps and before you know it we are felling good again!

So the question I pose to you all is this simple statement. If feel good time feels good then why would you not take more time to feel good?