Thursday, February 28, 2013

The mediocre has become the norm.

Our lives have become so unsettled, only because we are too willing to just settle! We have become too accepting and less expecting! I (John 5:14-15). We have become a people willing to settle for less and wonder why we are not getting more out of life. The mediocre has become the norm. The will to just settle. We have no expectation of others because we have no greater expectation of ourselves.

Stephen was a man in Acts 6, who was not willing to just settle. He did not follow the norm of the day. He rose above it. He did not follow the norm and just except the way things were. He was willing to step out of the comfort zone and be different. He did not follow the crowd,even though he faced hostility. He never waivered in his faith.

He stood alone, yet he was never alone. God was always by his side. He stood on his faith in Christ to give him exactly what he needed even being outnumbered. We tend to have the thinking, that if the majority agrees, they must be right. Well Stephen stood on what he knew, and not on the majority claimed. False witnesses were brought forth to prove him wrong, yet could not stand against his faith. (Acts 6:8-15).

Though it would cost him his life, he would not settle for the mediocre life of no expectation. He was not one to just be accepting because that is just how it is. No, he set an example of not settling to many of those around him who were unsettled. Those lives where the mediocre had become the norm. The willingness to be more accepting and  less expecting and wonder why they had gotten less!

The church today needs more Stephen's out there. We need those who are willing to step out in their faith and not just be crowd pleasures. Times may have changed but the word of God has not. It has been changing lives for years without all the bells and whistles. The mediocre should not be the norm.
 Accepting, with no expectation is not fair and goes against scripture.

   Our lives have become so unsettled only because we are too willing to just settle! We have become too accepting and less expecting! I (John 5:14-15).

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jesus wants to lift you up!

Whenever you feel alone and people do not care, there is always One waiting in the wings to lift you up. Jesus is His name! (Matthew 11:28-30). There are always those times or periods in our life we feel alone. We feel no one cares, no matter how much we do for others. Most of the time, if we will take a closer look at what is going on around us, we find those are just feelings.

The fact of the matter is, we expect people to make us feel wanted or important. They cannot, we have to see our own importance and value. We need to reevaluate what is going on around us, who we are associating with. Or simply, have we just begun to feel sorry for ourselves because things are not going our way? I have done just that in my own life when I have lost focus on, what are feelings and what are facts.

One thing I have learned over the years is to use those low times as a tool. A tool to get refocused and understand it is a time that was just slowing me down to regroup. I had stopped looking at it as a punishment and started looking at it as a time to learn. I have always heard, if you want to truly enjoy the mountain top you may have to go through some valleys.

Basically come to learn and appreciate the fact we have been given, at least, one more day. I know some people get stuck and seem to find no way out of their situation. That is where we come in. Christians need to open up their lives and share these testimonies! God has allowed us these journeys to shape us and train us and use us. There are no mistakes unless we fall short and fail to use these learning experiences with others.

When you see the looks on peoples faces. When they hear others have experienced the same feelings and situations. You begin to understand in a better way God's purposes in our lives and why we go through those periods of time. James 1:2-3 says count it all joy when we go through various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.

We count it all Joy when we come to realize we are right where God wants us at just that time. No one rides a high all the time, there are most always down times yet God is there! It is in those times we learn to have real fellowship. It is in those times we come to appreciate and understand true worship. God is there and wants to lift us up. Jesus said in Matthew 11:28-Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Running out of Time?

Today it seems like I have run out of time yet, thinking more on the subject I have walked back into some! Changes are coming so stay tuned! Saying the above let me explain. I was taking a little time with my wife this morning before any writing began. She asked me what are you going to write about today? My quick response was time! She gave me a peculiar look, and with a smile she said.

Don't you think it is time to start writing about something new? I thought a moment about that question.Yes, I took some time to ponder it. My response was slow and thoughtful. I said that is the subject that has been milling around in my head! We both laughed a bit because I was hearing exactly what she was saying. Nothing negative at all, just an sweet encouragement to get on with my time.

Basically, I practiced what I have been preaching a bit. Instead of taking it personal, and I would have, had I not taken the time to listen to her. Yes it is time to start something new I said. I also had to agree that people do get tired of hearing the same old thing to much, even when presented different ways. So in the days to come some new will be coming out using this time as a learning tool.

What I find great about the above conversation though is this. I am reminded about what God told Adam in the beginning. God wanted Adam to have a helper suitable to him. That one person who would be his helpmate. That one person who he could discuss his thoughts with and get an honest answer. I could not ask for a better helpmate myself, she is honest, more sometimes then I would like. Genesis 2:18-24

Yet by listening to her this morning I gained a little more wisdom and insight and better use of my time moving ahead! Through all this I have learned to take my time, slow down,and listen. If anything else I have learned the value of time, more completely. Today it seems like I have run out of time yet, thinking more on the subject I have walked back into some! Changes are coming so stay tuned!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Are you alright?

If you see someone down today. It just takes a second of time to say, hi how are ya! Sure warms my soul at times! Can you remember anytime when you were just plain discouraged or a bit out of sorts? I can for myself! What is tough for me though, I am the guy who is always happy. I am the person who makes people laugh. The truth of the matter, I am not always on a high!

Yes there are times even myself, kinda feels no one really cares. No one really has the time. So I have even acted like all was well. It was not until those moments, when someone could see past the facade and ask. Hey how are you today, how are you feeling? You don't seem to be your self today! Wow what a lift! To know someone cared enough to look a little deeper, took a little more time.

We never really see the importance of a simple hello. Or a short how are ya, may mean to someone until we have experienced it ourselves. If we are honest we have, and it made us feel just a little better. But we forget that when our time gets consumed, and we get rushed, we do not have the time for anything, let alone a quick, and simple hello. But that is exactly the time we need to take. That is exactly when we need to stop and take time.

Why? Because taking the time for someone else, is taking the time for ourselves. Taking the time to say hello, how are you doing,  will also help us get back on track. Back into the now, and not what's ahead for the day. When you give the time, you get the time. Are you catching on here? If you are taking the time to read this, I think you will.

So think about it, take the time to look into someones face. Someone you may not even know that wel,l and say hi ,how are you? They may appear to be doing well, but appearances can be deceiving. You will never know until you take the time. Again, what time you give away, you gain back. You give it away to keep it as the saying goes.

So you see someone down today,it just takes a second of time to say, hi how are ya! Sure warms my soul at times, and I am sure it will do the same for you. Just remember, back when you wore the same shoes and how it felt when someone said hi how are you today? Feels good for sure.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Stop, look, and listen.

Taking the time to stop, look, and listen, before preceding in life, may just keep you from some head on collisions. That was one of the fundamentals we learned as kids. Not only from our parents, but in our schools also. We were told at every crossing to stop, look and listen. If we did not there was a great possibility we could get hurt or worse.

That should be the same fundamental practice in life also don't you think? It never hurts to go back to the basics once in a while to get a little refresher course on life. When we stop, we are taking the time to think things through. When we look, at any situation, we are taking the time to plan it out. And when we listen, we are taking the time to see the whole picture.

King David in II Samuel used exactly these methods before doing or leading his armies into battle. He would stop and think things through. He would look at the situation and weigh the odds. Yet most importantly he never moved until he listened and heard what God had to say about the situation. (II Samuel 5:17-25) When he did these things he always moved with confidence and winning results.

It just takes a willingness to get back to basics and slow down. Nothing can be so important that we should have to run headlong into a collision course with life. If we would just stop a bit to catch our breath. If we would just take a little look around us and see the alternatives. And take the time to listen and hear what God and His wisdom has to say about any situation we encounter. We could have more of a victorious life than we do. (Proverbs 3:5-8)

So, taking the time to stop, look, and listen, before preceding in life. May just keep you from some head on collisions in life!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Priorities priorities!

If your time is so important to you, then put a higher value on it and spend some on yourself! I have found for myself, that whatever I put importance into that is what I do. The same thing needs to go for our taking time for ourselves. If we put the same value in what we feel we do not have, time, we would spend some more on ourselves!

Why the importance of this taking time for ourselves? Well I have found and also read in many articles and counseling information. This is an area that is lacking in our lives and our relationships. We cannot work on anything if we do not take the time. We cannot solve issues we may have with someone if we do not take the time to listen to their side of things.

There is a reason for this it is called caring. About who you ask? Well, you for starters. If you find the importance to resolve conflict in your life, or take time to rest and renew yourself. You will find that your worry lessens, your stress level goes down, and you caring level rises. You find the importance of listening and seeing what is going around you.

You tend to slow down and listen to what others around you are saying, and there is value in that. If we are spending to much time assuming we know whats going on. We are wasting our valuable time! We are playing a guessing game that adds to the stress of our lives. Why not deal with the facts, what we know is true, slow down catch our breath and set some reasonable priorities?

When we do this we will see real change in those around us why? Because we have changed. When we value ourselves we value others. This is not a selfish thing this is something, that if we do it, can really be an encouragement to all around us. If your time is so important to you, then put a higher value on it and spend some on yourself!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Don't get hung up on time past!

Time to reflect is always good, time to dwell is not. Best use of your time, is what will move you on and not keep you captive. This most always happens when you dwell to long on the past. We get hung up and fail to move on. We either become captives to the past, or we learn to use that time to move us on.

Paul wrote to the Philippian church in chap 3, that he had learned to use his time best to move him forward. Phil. 3:12-13-Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me. 13-Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead.

Paul did not get stuck in the past. He used it to move him forward. We need also to learn how to use our time to move us on and not to keep us captive in the past. We have a life to live, and we need to move on. Time should be a tool to do this. It is good to reflect, but never to dwell too long on any one thing. That is what gets us stuck in time.

As I care for my mom who has Alzheimer's, the one thing I hear most form people, is how hard it is to see her like she is. They had known her in the past, and this was not the same lady, mom, grandmother, they had known. That is what they want to hang on to. Is that bad? No, unless it separates them from her, or give them excuses not to visit.

They need to use the past memories to enjoy the present life, and treat her no different. She still smiles, laugh's and jokes. She just does not know anyone anymore. Reflection is good, but when you lose today, you never seem to move forward. I have learned, though it has been hard, to savor every moment I still have with her. I have been learning to reflect on the past and use it to move me forward and not dwell on the past and become captive to it!

Time to reflect is always good, time to dwell is not. Best use of your time is, what will move you on and not keep you captive.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How precious is your time?

Time will be as precious as you feel you are and only have the value you feel your worth! Sometimes we feel we do not deserve the time we need because we are confused about the value of ourselves. We ask ourselves do I really deserve the time, have I really earned it? Well as far as God is concerned, a resounding yes goes there.

In the book of Genesis God Himself said,"Let us make man in our own image and likeness." Genesis 1:26-28. Wow! Now that is a special statement that we all need to hear and help us refocus our value. God made us precious, and even made us in His image. Putting that in perspective God was simply saying we are special in His sight because when he looks at us he sees His investment of time.

Now that said, when we take that preciousness and discard it, or treat is as a thing of no value, what are we saying to ourselves? God must not love me or care to allow me to struggle like this? Why when I look in the mirror do I not see something of value, something worth taking some time for? Well that right there is taking some time, time to evaluate your worth. Time to take a look at you in the light of how God created you.

Every time we stop and take a look that is time taken. Now how you use that time is certainly up to you! You can use it and see the devalued you, or you can see something of greater value! A creation of God made in His image a priceless piece of work that He took time to form just right. That special you that He loves and wants to have a relationship with.

If you do not have a relationship with the Father, now is the time. Now is the time you ask Jesus to make you new, change you as only He can! To put that price tag of value back on you that you see yourself as your Creator sees you, precious! Romans 10:9-13 do this and watch your value in yourself go up.Time will be as precious as you feel you are and only have the value you feel your worth!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Time They need you mos!

Nothing says I love you more, then sacrificing your time when they need you most! I wrote a few days ago about this, or at the very least close. Since then I have been hearing some pretty neat stories that prove this theory works. As we met for our first annual Valentine Banquet some stories began to come out. I will share one here.

I had a new member of our church approach me to say, let me tell you what my husband did for me this week! She was so excited and burning to share. So as I preach and teach, this was one of those moments I needed to take time and listen. With a big smile on her face she began. Now this couple had just gotten saved just a few months ago.

Yet the new change was very evident in their lives. She began with a glowing look on her face. Let me tell you what my husband did for me this week, he has never done anything like this. What he had done was taken some time out of his work day to buy some flowers and take them to her work and leave them on her car seat.

 Then he had an employee go in and get her while he hid. He wanted to wait and see her reaction to what he had done. Now that is sacrifice. He took his own time away from his lunch break and his day, to give it to her.
 As he waited, she came out and her reaction was priceless. Tears fell. She never felt so important! It was a time that she needed from him. A time that he was saying to her, 
"I love you, and I just want you to know what you mean to me".

I love hearing these stories and sharing them. People need to hear them, read them, and see them in action. This does not have to be a story that stops with this couple, it can work for you too. You just have to take a time of sacrifice and do it. The rewards are endless. The gift that keeps on giving.  Nothing says I love you more, than sacrificing your time when they need you most!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Feel good time!

If feel good time feels good then why would you not take more time to feel good? I have heard many people reminisce how good they felt taking some self time to recoup. Then on the other hand, heard them complain because they cannot or will not take that time now! And it gets me wondering, if it felt that good to take the time why then would you not want to do it again?

It is like the Hebrews in the wilderness, they just kept missing the point as God poured His blessing upon them. They would come to a bump in the road and quickly forget the feel good time God had given them. They had lost what they had because they refused to savor what they had gotten. They got caught up in what they could not do or what they felt had lost. ( Exodus )

We do the same thing when we take that time to get refreshed. We quickly forget how good it felt because of all the bumps in the road. We allow ourselves to get distracted from what is important, some proper rest and time to renew and refresh ourselves. We will reflect on it but we do not take it why? Because we forgot what we had done in the first place to get there.

What we need to do is reflect on that feel good time and plan it the same as we did in the past. Distractions or not we need to refocus our attention and set healthy priorities. We need to set our thinking on this. If we did it once why not again? Look at what you did to plan before and just repeat those steps and before you know it we are felling good again!

So the question I pose to you all is this simple statement. If feel good time feels good then why would you not take more time to feel good?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is time taken by actions.

As we take the time to say I love you today. Show that love by taking the time to love. That word love is a word that has been used for years, in many different ways. I love you to some means, if I said it I mean it and you should believe it! Well that is not what love truly is. Love is a verb an action word, it needs to be acted upon not just thrown around to get our way!

When we take the time to actually show by our actions we love someone. We are proving their value to us with more than words and or gifts. It is the little things we do. Maybe a flower on their car seat at work or maybe just the time to write a love note. Making the time to say your special and I want to spend time with you!

I am not a real romantic but after 38 years of marriage I have learned that the little time I take and do something little has gone over very big. It is the taking of time that makes one feel special and important. Now if you have not done that in a while it will take time to catch on! But don't give up! The more time you take the more sincere they will see you are being.

So as we take time to say I love you today. Show them that love by taking the time for them. Show them that they are truly special and important and worth every moment given. Jesus never just talked love He always took the time to show His love. I love the illustration in John 13 with the washing of His disciples feet. Yes he was showing them a servants heart. But He was also taking the time to show them He cared.

There are so many illustrations I could go on. But Jesus always took the time needed to show love. We need to learn form His example. We need to learn how to stop take time and act upon our love and show we are being genuine. It is always easy to say anything but when it comes to doing and putting our words to action. It is then we will see a difference in those we love and ourselves!

As we take the time to say I love you today. Show that love by taking the time to love.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Taking time to share your time.

Taking time to share a smile and a kind hello, will gain you the time you need to accomplish what you want. As I got up this morning the first thing I did was smile. I thought about writing and sharing this time blog and it made me feel good. Even if no one reads it I have taken the time I need too. I have given away some time to maybe help bring a smile to someone. By doing that I seem to always gain some time.

I try and start each day with God. No I am not perfect at it, I said I try. I get up and think about what He has done for me and spend time in prayer. I love Psalm 118:24- This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Paul wrote much about joy and rejoicing in Philippians also. He also wrote in Phil. 2 :4 Thinking not only of ourselves but also taking time for others.

Helping people smile takes time and it is worth the investment. You may even ask, what about when someone you love has died? A marriage has broken up, or I have been sick a lot lately? Can you really find a place to smile in the face of adversity? I say yes you can. Believe it or not there are different kinds of smiles. Some from joking, some from being happy, and some from just plain feeling good.

Then there is the smile of comfort. And believe me people do know the difference. I believe that is exactly what Jesus did for the woman caught in adultery in John 8:1-12. I believe when all was said and done, when Jesus told her neither do I condemn you. That he finished that time off with a smile of comfort not a look of judgement and scorn. I believe she, though embarrassed, walked away with a smile on her face. She had been forgiven why wouldn't she?

Taking time to share a smile and a kind hello. Will gain you the time you need to accomplish what you want.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Time wait please!

Time is not patient. It will move on. Time waits on no one, if you do not use it you lose it. No one likes to lose anything. In fact we are known as a country of hoarders. Just watch the television there are people who just try and hang on. Well with time that just does not, and cannot happen. No matter what we do time moves on it does not give you a second thought!

That is why we need to take control of it and not let it control us as we do. Again as a reminder if we have the time to think about the time we do not have, we have it! We always look at what could have been or what we could have done if we would have just taken the time. Well did time wait on you? No it did not it moved on yet we worry more about time lost and time we hope to get instead of just taking it now!

As the saying goes time waits on no man, it is not patient it moves on weather you use it or not time is kinda mean unless you bring it under control! Now that does not mean we can stop it or store it up for a rainy day. But we can make better use of our time and worry less about what we do not have and gain a little more than we do have.

I believe time is a reflection of us, we are not patient so why would time be? If we think about it patience is a key to look at. If we slow down and become willing to take some time, and think less of what we cannot do and more of what we can. Time will seem much more compassionate more forgiving and much more patient why? Because we have it. Slow down take time, if not it moves on it will not give you a second thought!

Monday, February 11, 2013

just being quiet to listen

Today is just a time of quiet for me a time to just listen! No writing, no facebook, just quiet time. You all have a blessed and quiet day, hugs to those who need one, kisses to those who want one, and rest to all who need it!

Friday, February 8, 2013

What matters is now!

The time we take now is what will matter, thinking you will take time later won't matter! What we do with our time now will make more of a difference in our lives.  When we plan for a future we do not have yet, and set our sights and live our lives toward that end we miss all that's in the middle and before. Again I love what the bible says about time.

In the 6th Chaper of Matthew we see Jesus teach on this very thing, the thing we worry about most, really right now it is not how we will eat, and be clothed, etc. It is the very thing He says in vs. 34-Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. See what is said in the last part of that verse?

We have enough right now to take care of or even worry about, though worry is something He is teaching about not giving your time too! It is right now this very moment that will determine the rest of your day, week, and even the Month! Depending what you put your importance in and what you feel really matters at the time. But now is what should matter the importance of now is the very thing some people are getting a handle on.

I probably write these posts more for myself than anyone else as I have always felt time stressed and time shorted. It was not until I took my wife, Karen's advice to sit down and write about something. For the longest time I felt I had nothing to say or for that matter I really did not have the time. What I found was when I just sat down and started doing this is, hey, I have time and more then I could even imagine and I am still getting to the rest of my responsibilities!

What I found was I had been looking too far ahead and not living for right now. I was experiencing disappointment because I could never reach my goals, something seemed always happen to throw me off that future time frame I had set. So I started slowing down and thinking what could I write about? TIME!! Something I had none of because I was not seeing what was right in front of me, my sights were set to far in advance I was missing now.

So you know you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain if you stop and do an evaluation and a reality check. To put your time into what really matters and stop wasting it on what does not matter, a future you are not garunteed. The time we take now is what will matter, thinking you will take time later won't matter!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

What's a calender to do?

It is not when you take the time that's important, it's that you take the time that's whats important! I hear everyday from people including my wife, I do not move without my calender. I ask you then if we can keep a calender of event planning for everything else why not us? If we need the time to rest, go out for breakfast once in a while.

Why can't that be put on the calender of events? Why can't that be as important as everything else we put on that thing to do? Well it can you have heard the term just do it right? Well just do it, it's not any harder then adding those other events that so control our lives. I hear parents say my kids have this and that and that and this, I just cannot seem to find time for myself!

Well what's the calender to do? It won't put a space of time on itself you have to do it right when you are planning the month out for everything else. Most month's have at least thirty days believe me there is a day in there for you. We have to just stop feeling guilty about adding us in one of those spaces, even if it does not happen at least you have taken a step.

The important thing here is that you tried and if you keep trying you will finally succeed you need to know you are worth every minute. And remember this if you have taken the time to put you on the calender of events, you have taken time for yourself! See how easy it can be if we just change our thinking a wee bit?

What's a calender to do? It's a gentle reminder that there is room on it for us it is a reminder that, It is not when you take the time that's important, it's that you take the time that's whats important!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Want not waste not?

If you do not like to waste your money, why is your time any less valuable? Want not waste not, I have heard that all my life and really never took the time to understand it! So what it says to me is, if I truly want it don't waste it. And if I do not want it throw it to the wind.

Isn't that what we really do when we think, we really want something but put no real value on it and just let it go to waste? As with our money so should our time have as much value. If we truly looked at our priorities what do you think you would list first of what you need most?

When I counsel couples before their weddings I ask them to list thing about each other they like and dislike. It is not the person the dislikes are pointed at, but their habits that may be annoying to each other and may cause them problems down the road. Then I ask them to prioritize them from the biggest dislike to the least.

Most times the number one thing is money, and many times it's the friend or mom issues. Yet when all is said and done what they have leaned is the value of time. When they take the time to do this for each other, to offer these helps and to be honest. They have really told that person they have value and it was worth the investment time.

If you want to most out of anything don't waste it on just everything. Think it through check your values and put a list of priorities together and see if you cannot put some perspective on the want not waste not theory. If you really do not want a thing just continue to waste it and see what happens next. If you are looking for happiness what are you investing yourself in?

When you take time and energy to invest your money to get back the best return put that same thinking into your time investment. Start first thing in the morning with a mirror evaluation of yourself, what  you see when you look in the mirror each morning will tell you what kind of investment you have made in yourself. Take the time for a good honest look if you are not happy think about your investment!

If you do not like to waste your money, why is your time any less valuable? Invest in you today  watch and see if the people around you notice the difference. Proverbs 22:1 says, A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, loving favor rather than silver and gold.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oh if we had the time!

If you could store time away what would you really do with it when you finally unpacked it? Have you ever thought about that? I am sure you have, I think we all have at one time or another no pun intended! It comes to mind when we get something new the feeling of excitement we get and pleasure. Yet that only last for a short moment because it gets old, dented or worn!

One thing about time, it is a gift to ourselves that keeps on giving never getting old unless we try and pack it away and never use it. When something is stored long enough it can be forgotten, rusty, broken down for lack of use etc. We need to unpack the time we hope we have in the future now. We need to stop and unpack it like a Christmas gift and with as much zeal!

We use statements like,  if we could store some time away man what I could do, and the places I could see, and the things I could accomplish! Again when you are taking the time to read this you have unpacked some time and put it to good use. You are taking some time for yourself and not just wishing it away. Am I saying you are not supposed to plan, or you cannot dream? No I am not, do those things yet keep them in perspective.

What I am saying is if you pack away your time in hopes of using it later, that may not, and most times does not happen! It is just like investing your money in hopes that you will have it when you retire, or have it for that rainy day. As we have learned just recently with those types of investments how fast they can be lost and in a moment of time.

We need to plan, we need to dream yet we are not supposed to live for what we are not guaranteed we are suppose to take advantage of now! It is like the parable Jesus spoke if in Luke 12:16-21, The man had plenty and thought to himself I will tear down what I have and build everything bigger and better and store my crops and then sit back and take it easy and enjoy my future.

Well as you read on that did not happen God said to him today your soul is required, now who does all that wealth and stuff belong. That man had planned for a future he was not guaranteed, what he could have done was did a little unpacking of what he had now, and took for certain what he had and found pleasure in, instead of packing it away in hopes of future enjoyment.

I really want you to think about what you would do if you could pack the time away and what you would and could do with it when  the time came to unpack it. In doing so you are actually unpacking some time right now for yourselves and using it wisely, you are stopping to breathe. You are taking advantage of what is real, now!

Oh if we had the time if we could pack it away and store some for later what would we do with it if we had the chance to use it? Unpack some now take some time enjoy what you have today, now this very moment! Plan for the future just don't pack away your time for the future use it now why? Because you have it!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Rest or what?

Sometime when you won't take the time, your body says now is the time, you will rest or else! This cold and sinus has me beat and tired! Rest is a very important time we need to take especially when we get sick or injured. If we do not give our bodies the break they deserve, guess what? You just don't heal or get better.

When our own body parts tell us it's time for a break and we don't take, they will give it!! Think about that when you have tried to push yourself beyond your limits. What has been the result in most cases? A week that we could not afford to lose. I would think a day to get us some rest would be much less a lose then a week of rest we could not afford.

Now I know if something gets broken it will always take longer, but if you push it before it's time it will take longer. These warning signs we get are no mistake God intended for us to take breaks and times of rest. As I told you before, that is exactly why He created a Sabbath day of rest, a day to give wholly to Him. God set that day apart from all the others, scripture says He sanctified it, set apart! ( Genesis 2:1-3).

There was no mistake in Gods intention here! This day of rest was not only intended for humans but for all of His creation! Rest is important to the ground, the animals, the plants, and most importantly for us. It is a time of refreshment and worship, a time to spend with God and get renewed! It is a time of healing in so many ways!

There are natural mechanisms at work in our body that tells us to rest or else, take the time now or you will take it later. Most times at a cost we cannot and do not want to afford. Sometime when you won't take the time, your body says now is the time, you will rest or else! 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Take time why?

Today I am taking time, why? Because I have it to take, I cannot teach it or preach it and not do it! I need this time with God to be refreshed and renewed like it says in Ecclesiastes 3:7-A time to tear, and a time to sew; A time to keep silence, and a time to speak; now is my silence time! Always good to take some quiet time. You just seem to learn so much more because you are taking time from hearing you and taking time to just hear God speak! Psalm 46:10