Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oh if we had the time!

If you could store time away what would you really do with it when you finally unpacked it? Have you ever thought about that? I am sure you have, I think we all have at one time or another no pun intended! It comes to mind when we get something new the feeling of excitement we get and pleasure. Yet that only last for a short moment because it gets old, dented or worn!

One thing about time, it is a gift to ourselves that keeps on giving never getting old unless we try and pack it away and never use it. When something is stored long enough it can be forgotten, rusty, broken down for lack of use etc. We need to unpack the time we hope we have in the future now. We need to stop and unpack it like a Christmas gift and with as much zeal!

We use statements like,  if we could store some time away man what I could do, and the places I could see, and the things I could accomplish! Again when you are taking the time to read this you have unpacked some time and put it to good use. You are taking some time for yourself and not just wishing it away. Am I saying you are not supposed to plan, or you cannot dream? No I am not, do those things yet keep them in perspective.

What I am saying is if you pack away your time in hopes of using it later, that may not, and most times does not happen! It is just like investing your money in hopes that you will have it when you retire, or have it for that rainy day. As we have learned just recently with those types of investments how fast they can be lost and in a moment of time.

We need to plan, we need to dream yet we are not supposed to live for what we are not guaranteed we are suppose to take advantage of now! It is like the parable Jesus spoke if in Luke 12:16-21, The man had plenty and thought to himself I will tear down what I have and build everything bigger and better and store my crops and then sit back and take it easy and enjoy my future.

Well as you read on that did not happen God said to him today your soul is required, now who does all that wealth and stuff belong. That man had planned for a future he was not guaranteed, what he could have done was did a little unpacking of what he had now, and took for certain what he had and found pleasure in, instead of packing it away in hopes of future enjoyment.

I really want you to think about what you would do if you could pack the time away and what you would and could do with it when  the time came to unpack it. In doing so you are actually unpacking some time right now for yourselves and using it wisely, you are stopping to breathe. You are taking advantage of what is real, now!

Oh if we had the time if we could pack it away and store some for later what would we do with it if we had the chance to use it? Unpack some now take some time enjoy what you have today, now this very moment! Plan for the future just don't pack away your time for the future use it now why? Because you have it!