Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Time wait please!

Time is not patient. It will move on. Time waits on no one, if you do not use it you lose it. No one likes to lose anything. In fact we are known as a country of hoarders. Just watch the television there are people who just try and hang on. Well with time that just does not, and cannot happen. No matter what we do time moves on it does not give you a second thought!

That is why we need to take control of it and not let it control us as we do. Again as a reminder if we have the time to think about the time we do not have, we have it! We always look at what could have been or what we could have done if we would have just taken the time. Well did time wait on you? No it did not it moved on yet we worry more about time lost and time we hope to get instead of just taking it now!

As the saying goes time waits on no man, it is not patient it moves on weather you use it or not time is kinda mean unless you bring it under control! Now that does not mean we can stop it or store it up for a rainy day. But we can make better use of our time and worry less about what we do not have and gain a little more than we do have.

I believe time is a reflection of us, we are not patient so why would time be? If we think about it patience is a key to look at. If we slow down and become willing to take some time, and think less of what we cannot do and more of what we can. Time will seem much more compassionate more forgiving and much more patient why? Because we have it. Slow down take time, if not it moves on it will not give you a second thought!