Monday, February 4, 2013

Rest or what?

Sometime when you won't take the time, your body says now is the time, you will rest or else! This cold and sinus has me beat and tired! Rest is a very important time we need to take especially when we get sick or injured. If we do not give our bodies the break they deserve, guess what? You just don't heal or get better.

When our own body parts tell us it's time for a break and we don't take, they will give it!! Think about that when you have tried to push yourself beyond your limits. What has been the result in most cases? A week that we could not afford to lose. I would think a day to get us some rest would be much less a lose then a week of rest we could not afford.

Now I know if something gets broken it will always take longer, but if you push it before it's time it will take longer. These warning signs we get are no mistake God intended for us to take breaks and times of rest. As I told you before, that is exactly why He created a Sabbath day of rest, a day to give wholly to Him. God set that day apart from all the others, scripture says He sanctified it, set apart! ( Genesis 2:1-3).

There was no mistake in Gods intention here! This day of rest was not only intended for humans but for all of His creation! Rest is important to the ground, the animals, the plants, and most importantly for us. It is a time of refreshment and worship, a time to spend with God and get renewed! It is a time of healing in so many ways!

There are natural mechanisms at work in our body that tells us to rest or else, take the time now or you will take it later. Most times at a cost we cannot and do not want to afford. Sometime when you won't take the time, your body says now is the time, you will rest or else!