Friday, May 8, 2015

Sharing what I have gained through memories!

I have found while going through my memories, taking care of my mom has taught me so much about the values of life! Never take life for granted  you do not know what a day will bring! Plan for the future don't live for the future, life changes that all too often! If you have your mom and or dad and they are aware of life around them, take time and build more memories with them!

Even if they don't, build memories anyway they are the ones who raised you they deserve it! There are those who claim bad memories, use them as life lessons of what not to do and build good memories! Don't take your freedoms lightly, sometimes to  be truly free we have to lose freedom as we know it to understand it much better!

Karen and I had plans, things changed. What changed? Our relationship with God and ourselves! We have become so much closer in both areas, not perfect just closer! We learn something new each day about gratitude! We complain less about what we cannot do because God has allowed us to do more than we ever imagined!

Put people in our lives that step up at a moments notice. Allowed us to Pastor a wonderful family for just a few. If not for having my mom we would have missed so much about genuine love and friendships. We would have missed a new learning about Philippians 4:13, we have been able to do all things because Christ is in it!

Life happens to teach us not to hold us back. Draws us closer to our Lord if we truly stay focused on Him. We miss so much sometimes because we get caught up in what we see rather than what we cannot! That is what faith is all about just plain trusting whether you see God or not, because you just know He is there! He has never left us in this journey Karen and I have traveled.

Have we interfered? Certainly, like I said we have not arrived life is a daily learning process only if you want to be taught! Learn from life's lessons they are there to build us and make us better and stronger, only if you are willing to see it through spiritual eyes!