Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Take time, to take time!

My granddaughter brought tears to my eyes last night. She wrote a 9 page paper dealing with Alzheimer disease. When you wonder if people notice, and how the family deals with the issues of life. We may need to stop and read a 9 page paper on the subject. Alyvia came down and ask me to proof read her paper, by the way it was due today, and make any corrections I may find.

It was such blessing to see how much she had taken notice in what was happening to her Great grandmother and the family.  She actually interviewed her grandmother to learn how this disease effects caregivers, those closest to the family members struggling. Her paper was not only touching, but had so much information.

She had done her homework for sure, researching the causes, and expressing her concerns about this disease. Never really knowing how this all impacted her until last night. She shared how she has lost the exciting great grand-mom she remembered when she was younger, and her struggles with understanding that loss.

Her concerns that people be made aware, this disease is real and effects everyone, not only the caregiver, but the entire family! What I learned last night, reading her paper, was the importance of staying in touch now! When things are going fine we seem to take life for granted and family is doing alright. Wrong! We need to do a better job communicating with each other before life becomes a loss issue.

What I mean by that is, never assume we have mom and dad forever. You never know when a disease like Alzheimer's will strike, it may be happening to them right now. Take time to pay attention, take time to take time. Those you have not talked with in a while, now is the time! It is never to late to catch up with family, unless, you don't take that precious moment, and take time!