Monday, February 25, 2013

Are you alright?

If you see someone down today. It just takes a second of time to say, hi how are ya! Sure warms my soul at times! Can you remember anytime when you were just plain discouraged or a bit out of sorts? I can for myself! What is tough for me though, I am the guy who is always happy. I am the person who makes people laugh. The truth of the matter, I am not always on a high!

Yes there are times even myself, kinda feels no one really cares. No one really has the time. So I have even acted like all was well. It was not until those moments, when someone could see past the facade and ask. Hey how are you today, how are you feeling? You don't seem to be your self today! Wow what a lift! To know someone cared enough to look a little deeper, took a little more time.

We never really see the importance of a simple hello. Or a short how are ya, may mean to someone until we have experienced it ourselves. If we are honest we have, and it made us feel just a little better. But we forget that when our time gets consumed, and we get rushed, we do not have the time for anything, let alone a quick, and simple hello. But that is exactly the time we need to take. That is exactly when we need to stop and take time.

Why? Because taking the time for someone else, is taking the time for ourselves. Taking the time to say hello, how are you doing,  will also help us get back on track. Back into the now, and not what's ahead for the day. When you give the time, you get the time. Are you catching on here? If you are taking the time to read this, I think you will.

So think about it, take the time to look into someones face. Someone you may not even know that wel,l and say hi ,how are you? They may appear to be doing well, but appearances can be deceiving. You will never know until you take the time. Again, what time you give away, you gain back. You give it away to keep it as the saying goes.

So you see someone down today,it just takes a second of time to say, hi how are ya! Sure warms my soul at times, and I am sure it will do the same for you. Just remember, back when you wore the same shoes and how it felt when someone said hi how are you today? Feels good for sure.