Monday, February 18, 2013

Time They need you mos!

Nothing says I love you more, then sacrificing your time when they need you most! I wrote a few days ago about this, or at the very least close. Since then I have been hearing some pretty neat stories that prove this theory works. As we met for our first annual Valentine Banquet some stories began to come out. I will share one here.

I had a new member of our church approach me to say, let me tell you what my husband did for me this week! She was so excited and burning to share. So as I preach and teach, this was one of those moments I needed to take time and listen. With a big smile on her face she began. Now this couple had just gotten saved just a few months ago.

Yet the new change was very evident in their lives. She began with a glowing look on her face. Let me tell you what my husband did for me this week, he has never done anything like this. What he had done was taken some time out of his work day to buy some flowers and take them to her work and leave them on her car seat.

 Then he had an employee go in and get her while he hid. He wanted to wait and see her reaction to what he had done. Now that is sacrifice. He took his own time away from his lunch break and his day, to give it to her.
 As he waited, she came out and her reaction was priceless. Tears fell. She never felt so important! It was a time that she needed from him. A time that he was saying to her, 
"I love you, and I just want you to know what you mean to me".

I love hearing these stories and sharing them. People need to hear them, read them, and see them in action. This does not have to be a story that stops with this couple, it can work for you too. You just have to take a time of sacrifice and do it. The rewards are endless. The gift that keeps on giving.  Nothing says I love you more, than sacrificing your time when they need you most!