Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is time taken by actions.

As we take the time to say I love you today. Show that love by taking the time to love. That word love is a word that has been used for years, in many different ways. I love you to some means, if I said it I mean it and you should believe it! Well that is not what love truly is. Love is a verb an action word, it needs to be acted upon not just thrown around to get our way!

When we take the time to actually show by our actions we love someone. We are proving their value to us with more than words and or gifts. It is the little things we do. Maybe a flower on their car seat at work or maybe just the time to write a love note. Making the time to say your special and I want to spend time with you!

I am not a real romantic but after 38 years of marriage I have learned that the little time I take and do something little has gone over very big. It is the taking of time that makes one feel special and important. Now if you have not done that in a while it will take time to catch on! But don't give up! The more time you take the more sincere they will see you are being.

So as we take time to say I love you today. Show them that love by taking the time for them. Show them that they are truly special and important and worth every moment given. Jesus never just talked love He always took the time to show His love. I love the illustration in John 13 with the washing of His disciples feet. Yes he was showing them a servants heart. But He was also taking the time to show them He cared.

There are so many illustrations I could go on. But Jesus always took the time needed to show love. We need to learn form His example. We need to learn how to stop take time and act upon our love and show we are being genuine. It is always easy to say anything but when it comes to doing and putting our words to action. It is then we will see a difference in those we love and ourselves!

As we take the time to say I love you today. Show that love by taking the time to love.