Tuesday, April 2, 2013

When trouble come what to do?

What gets us into trouble can be anything.What keeps us in trouble is usually pride! Proverbs 13:10-By pride comes nothing but strife, but with the well-advised is wisdom.

 There are three things that keep us from asking for help in times of trouble. 1-embarrassment, 2-trust, and 3-pride. Yet I feel and have experienced that the third one, is most times the one that keeps us down.

It is usually ourselves that feel one of the three above. But do we truly ask the question, what is most keeping us down? Yes, it is embarrassing to have problems, and yes, we have been hurt in times past when sharing with someone who felt it necessary to tell others. But most times if we are really honest, it is pride that keeps us from asking for the help we need.

Pride deceives us into thinking we are the only one going through this particular sort of problem. Our pride tells us we can handle this on our own. Our pride tells us since we had been burned once we cannot trust anyone. All those thoughts and an unwillingness to get the help we need usually comes down to pride. One major thing we can do to break this pattern is, humility.

First, if we have been hurt by someone, do not go to that person whether a good friend or not.  Secondly if we are embarrassed remember others are going through troubles also. You are not alone. Thirdly, what would you rather do with your day? Believe you have control and struggle. Or suck it up and get some relief? Most people want the relief, and break from the worries and stresses from problems not dealt with!

So remember with pride comes strife, stress, and worry, which in no way can bring comfort. But searching out the right people and getting healthy advise, we gain the tools we need to solve most anything. So take time and re-evaluate your situation. It may be worth a little embarrassment. Taking another shot at trust, and swallowing our pride to get us through, and see some light at the end of our tunnel!