Friday, April 12, 2013

When freedom, costs freedom!

Freedom does come at a cost, but it should not cost us our freedom! I Corinthians 8:9-But beware lest somehow this liberty of yours become a stumbling block to those who are weak. We are cautioned in scripture that we are to consider those who are weak in the faith. We are to consider our freedoms and determine what is more important us or them?

The big cry today, "Are rights and freedoms". We live in a country based on those two words. A problem that has come to light though, who gets these rights and freedoms? When you listen to one group, they have the freedom to be who they want to be. Yet the other group, who does not have the same freedom to disagree! When some have freedoms, they feel others should not have, is that not the cost of freedom?

The same goes the other way, when we as Christians, say folks have no right to make certain decisions because they are contrary to scripture, are we not forgetting we were once in that same place in our lives? Have we forgotten that it took a Savior to change us into who we have become? Do we not tend to make excuses for our sin because we are under Grace?

We take those liberties, forgetting we may be doing more harm than good, because we feel we have the freedom to do so! We need to think that through a whole lot more! The scriptures are very plain in this area, we are never to use our liberties or freedoms to rob a weak person, and in most cases a lost person of freedoms!

Freedom is, to be able to choose a Savior who can make them free indeed! When we get caught up in the cleaning business, instead of the catching business, we forget. We are to be an example of true freedom, because we know the truth, and that is what set us free! (John 8:31-36) We are to be fishers of men, not cleaners of the fish! 

Folks out there need to see that the freedom we talk about in Christ, is not a freedom to rob them. It is a freedom that will set them free indeed! Whether they believe it or not, they have lost more freedoms than they know. They need to see Jesus in us. People are going to choose what they think sets them free, we need to be that pathway for them to true freedom.

As history repeats itself, and it is, their fight for freedom of choice, will cost them freedom, believe it or not! Someone will come along with a freedom they feel is right, and it will not match how they feel, because it goes against their principles. It will affect what they believe, and thus the battle for freedom begins, because they will feel they have lost theirs.