Thursday, April 4, 2013

Starting out right is the key!

How you start your day, will determine how your day will go, and how you will treat yourself and others! (Proverbs 15:1) The first thought you have, the first look in the mirror and what you see. That will determine the start of your day. If you wake up somehow in a bad mood from not resolving some issues carried over from the day before, believe it or not can dictate how you feel and how you will feel about others.

Other things that throw us off, getting up late, alarm clock did not go off, traffic jams etc.We have no control over those happenings. Yet they can tend to throw our whole day off. What I have learned over the years, and still learning, to control those things I cannot control! What I mean is this, the electric going out, clocks not going off, traffic jams, I cannot control those things, but what I can do is control my attitude towards those things.

When we accept the fact, we cannot control anything or anyone but ourselves, when we can change our thinking and come to the place where we choose to be a certain way, that will make a tremendous difference in how we face ourselves, others, and the day as a whole. Things happen, things go wrong, but that does not mean in any way, that it is against us personally.

If we can, no matter what, just smile in the mirror, take a little breath, and say, God's got this, and start out a little more grateful for who we are. Our perspective of the world and what is going on around us, and the people who come into our paths, look so much better, because we are encouraged. We started the day with a sense of value instead of trying to make sense of the day!  

When we do this, we just tend to shrug at the rudeness of people and situations because we understand control a little better. We tend to be encouraging and not discouraging, because we know it is not personal, people have bad days. They probably did not get up right, so I am going to treat them how they really deserve. Exactly how I treated myself when I started my day! Something to think about!