Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our up time depends on how we spend our down time.

Sometimes when you are down, that may be where God has you, so you will look up into His glorious face. (Psalm 27:7-10). Many times we feel that because we are down in the dumps, that is not a good thing. We may be just a little off in that thought. If we think about it, in a prayerful and quiet manner, we may find, we are just where God wants us, at just that moment.

When we are up and full of energy and praise we tend to forget. It is just as important to have some down time, some quiet time to hear God! For some it is a time of humbling. For others, a time of refreshing, and yet for others, it is a time of re-introducing themselves to God! The key to down time is spending that time with God, and not fretting or trying to figure out what is wrong.

Thus allowing God to do a work in us, to teach us and help us understand, His way in our lives. It is more than being on top of our game, more than being excited in worship. Down time can be just as much worship, as up time. The Psalmist were never always up, but they always pointed us to where their strength came from. The end result of their quests, the answer to their prayers, always resulted in a closer relationship with God!

That is the real purpose of down time, it is a time to look up to the One who can give us results. It is a time, when we may discover, nothing is wrong we have not sinned. God has us right where He wants us so we can clearly see His plan for us, and we can receive the answer we so earnestly desire. Our up time with God is a time best understood, when we learn to appreciate our down time with Him also.