Thursday, April 11, 2013

Being right can be oh, so wrong!

Being so adamant about being right can turn out to be so very wrong!! (Proverbs 14:12)-Says, There is a way that seems right to a man, but it's end is the way of death. There is, at times, a cost to our being so right!  I have heard it said so many times, People say, I an not hurting anyone but myself. The sad truth here is, that is self deception. Our lives no matter what we think effects all those around us.

The sad end and result of our being so right and everyone else, even society, being so wrong can be costly. It can take us to a point of no return. It takes us to death, as the scripture points out. As many can attest to this fact. Why is being right so important? Why do we go to the lengths we do, to be right all the time? Why, do we feel everyone else is wrong because they do not agree with us?

Many questions are asked why people are like this? I have only a couple of answers as to why we feel that right is something we have to be all the time! 1-Pride. Pride tells us that if we are wrong, we must be weak and we must be stupid. 2-Control. If we are wrong, we are putting someone else in control of our lives.
3-Misconception. If we are wrong, we believe this makes us insecure and unable to make decisions.

Now I know those are just a few reasons, yet something for you to think about. If we truly stop and weigh the cost of being right all the time, we are not deceiving ourselves. No one is right all the time, and if they, are they are headed to certain disappointment and even possibly depression or worse! Being both, right at times, and also wrong at other times, is healthy and gives us genuine clarity of life!

I am giving you some food for thought. What we need to run through our minds, and think about, just a little,   being wrong, every once in a while, can be the new right. Though it may seem right at the time, if we think it through and weigh the options presented us. Is it worth being so right that it could cost us more than we are willing to pay?