Friday, April 19, 2013

What to do when sadness abounds, PRAY!

With the sadness that surrounds us, we need to look beyond us, hold onto and love those who are close to us, AND PRAY! (Phil.4:6-7) I have many people in my life who mean so much to me. They all hold a place in my heart. Yet if I do not take the time to pray for them, to lift them up in their time of need, or not, how much do I truly care?

I am part of a ministry that is built on prayer. The Way Ryders, a motorcycle ministry. These folks have a heart for God, and they are on call for prayer duty 24 hours a day. When called upon they respond. I cannot always go, but they know I am praying with them. The point here is just that, though we cannot always go, we can always PRAY!

Instead of sitting at home, thinking of what we cannot do, we need to stop, pray, and ask God to do what we know He can. Sometimes we feel, if we cannot do what others are able, we are not doing much. It is only when we fail to pray, and pray believing with thanksgiving, that we fall short of our goals for service, and see nothing happen. Prayer should be such an important part of the Christian life.

I believe the only wrong way to pray, is not to pray at all. God does not need fancy words or many words, as Jesus taught us in Matthew 6. He wants us to commune with Him, have fellowship with Him, spend time with Him. When we begin to do this we will begin to see things happen in and around our lives. We want victory, we want healing, we want to see lives changed, PRAY!

We tend to see the worst of things because we stop believing God for the best of things He has to offer. We need not to worry or be anxious, we are to ask believing, with thanksgiving, and His peace will overwhelm us! Take time today and pray, take time today and spend it with God expect Him to change you.

When people are experiencing what they are right now, today, the sadness that surrounds them. They need to know there are people of faith out there. They need to see and hear how you have won victory over these same feelings and facts. How when you went to God, you were able to see beyond yourself and your situation, and reach out to the hurting in their time of need and bring them the peace that passes understanding!