Tuesday, March 19, 2013

You could be the difference your family needs!

Taking care of your family is important why? Because it is important to God! I Tim. 5:8-But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. God takes family very serious. He created the family to be special, caring, and loving and just as importantly to be there always to provide.

Not just in material possessions but in the physical and spiritual sense also. We are not always expected to cut a check to meet a need. There will be times when we will need to get our hands dirty, use some elbow grease as it were. We may need to sit up some nights to give comfort and hold a hand. And when it is most difficult to lend a smile, or maybe just have a good cry together.

The most important thing to remember is family is important and not something to take for granted. Time goes by faster than we understand. And before you know it the kids are grown, mom and dad have aged so much. We wonder where the time went! To God we are always to take the time for family. They are so important to Him, that He gives instructions about caring for them in every sense!

Dads with children, moms with children, children with parents, home life and and the things that make a home, a home (Proverbs 31:1-10, Gal. 6:1-3) that is just to name a few! My challenge to you today is. If there is any division, any quarreling, any long time separation in your family. Take the time today to start the healing process. Do not quibble over who is at fault or who is responsible.

If you truly want a relationship, if you truly want peace in your life. Bring healing to your family. They are important, they are the heart beat. They are a special gift from God, though at times we may doubt that. But it's true! Our families may make mistakes but they are not mistakes! Loving them does not mean they are right all the time. Loving them means you will walk with them even at times you do not agree.

The sad thing here is some people will go their whole lives playing a blame game. They are missing out on some wonderful memory building years! Please take some time now and reflect on your family and how you can make a difference in them and yourself. Experience the peace you will get from the healing process. And the pleasure you will receive when you become a whole family again!