Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A smile could make the difference!

The benefits of bringing a smile to anyone even when you do not want to smile, brings a healing you cannot explain!  I have learned this especially since caring for my Mom who suffers from Alzheimer's. There are certainly times when you do not smile. Under those unusual circumstances when you at least try to smile. A smile can become good medicine.

When we realize that it only takes a little bit of us to make someone else feel good for a moment it is healing. To who? Ourselves, and also to those we are sharing a smile with. Why do we smile when that is the last thing we would like to do? In some cases it is a protective devise we throw out to keep folks from knowing we are not doing that great.

Yet when we go against our feelings, it tends to make us feel a little better about life around us at that moment. When someone lights up after we have been with them it gives us a sense of purpose. And our day seems to smooth out a bit. Why? Because you have done something for someone else, or given them a moment they needed. And by perking up their day it seems to bring healing to ours.

Just like the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. So a smile at just the right time, may lift a persons spirits and maybe even mine! We may never know until we try. Until we take the chance to put our feelings behind us for just a moment. I know we cannot use a smile to answer every situation. But in most cases if we put fourth the effort to force one out. The results could amaze you.

Once we force that smile to our face something changes inside. When we see others respond with a smile it  seems to bring an inner warmth. When my mom gets frustrated because she does not understand what is happening to her at any given moment. It can be frustrating to me also. She becomes less cooperative and even resistant. When I respond to her in the same way, with frustration, I get less cooperation.

It is not until I tease her and make funny faces that her mood changes completely. When I smile she begins to smile back and that creates a whole new atmosphere. She lights up like I have made her feel special. Even though her memory has been effected by this disease! A smile still brings a since of healing and comfort to her. A smile can make the difference and determine the outcome of your day, give it a shot.

The benefits of bringing a smile to anyone even when you do not want to smile, brings a healing you cannot explain!