Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Treat them good no matter what!

No matter how you treat someone they may not return what you think you deserve! It may not be right but remember you are better than that! Romans 12:21-Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. One of the hardest things to do is to treat someone nice that continues to treat us rudely! Our first thoughts are they must want to be treated badly!

That is very far from the truth. One thing we will never know, if we do not stick to who we are in Christ. That person may be going through some trust issues, hurts, marital problems, a death and all the emotions that go with those! In other words because we are doing the right thing does not mean that person will respond back in the same way. Yet!

What we need not do is get caught up in their emotions. Not allow their reactions to change who we really are, a child of God! Romans 12:18-If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men. That brings our actions right back to us, and our lives in Christ. It reminds us how Jesus reacted to those he had shown complete compassion too and in return got nothing but rejection.

The one thing we need to think of most here. Is getting out of ourselves and looking at that person through the eyes of Jesus. The same way Jesus had to look, and does look at us now. Whenever I am very quick to react to someones actions toward me, not taking time to evaluate what may be the cause. It puts me in an uncomfortable place with myself. I am reminded of who I represent Christ!

No I am not perfect at it. But the more I practice it the more I catch myself wanting to do better toward those folks. I find that it is not about me it is about whether they see Jesus in me. I have found that the longer I express interest in them they tend to come around. They tend to start smiling a bit more, they tend to trust a bit more as they are seeing that all people out there are not the same.

There are still people who care. There are still people out there they can trust in again because they were willing to go the distance and not get run away by bad behavior. A protection devise they had begun to use to keep people from getting close enough to hurt them again. Or anything that had happened in their lives to cause them to not be who they truly are.

Try and remember that people are not always where you are in life. Try and remember that people may be going through things in their life you cannot see. Never feel that it has to be you that is causing them to respond a certain way. Yet it can be you that helps them see there is hope that life can get better because, no matter what you are not treating them as they treat you.

No matter how you treat someone they may not return what you think you deserve! It may not be right but remember you are better than that!