Friday, March 22, 2013

Just another day to dress up?

Palm Sunday and Easter are not Hallmark events they are life changing historical facts!  These 2 Sundays have become more like fashion statements. There is probably more money spent on new suits, gorgeous dresses, and fantastic hats than any other time of the year! Cards and candy bought, eggs decorated and family get together's. Yet I wonder if families are talking about the historical and life changing event that actually took place?

Like Christmas, we as a church have gotten to a place where it is a day of extra guests and larger offerings. We plan for the bigger once a year crowds and they leave the once a year big event no different! And we wonder what we can do different next year! We already plan to advertise and promote with the same gimmicks as Hallmark and any other organizer of special events.

What we have done is made these faith foundational days insignificant! We have taken the fact of what happened on these days and made them more entertaining then life changing! Now I know we need to make them special, but not in the Hallmark sense! We need to make them special because they are life changing events! Our faith is built on what Jesus did on these days. From Palm Sunday, as the sacrificial lamb being praised as king, to the ultimate and final sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary, to rising from the grave giving us victory over death, and all that for us!!

If we would show the excitement in our lives, and live our lives as a people who have received this victorious gift. Not just dress up the outside, but allowing what has changed on the inside out! It would not be just another Hallmark moment, a program we present, or even the special music just for the occasion! It could indeed be a life changing event!  But we have to live as lives changed, people need to see the difference.

They need to see our faith in what Jesus did for us on these days! Though we are dressed up on the outside we are also showing how dressed up we are on the inside. How? because we live for this day all year! They need to see Christians this excited about what Jesus has truly done for them daily! That it is not just another day to dress up! (John 12:1-15 Palm Sunday, John 20:1-31 Easter, Plus many famous artists, and historians to research)