Thursday, March 28, 2013

Being different does not mean being wrong!

I am glad I am different, I am glad I don't always follow the crowd, in doing so I can never blame others for my bad decisions! (Proverbs 12:26). That is not saying we blame our friends for our good or bad choice's. It is saying that we do not follow everything others do. We at times, need to make decisions based on how we feel or have prayed about a decision. That may not go with what the majority feels is the right thing to do.

But if we do everything others think should be done, because they feel they are right. We can get into the trap of blaming others when things or decisions do not go right. We put the responsibility on others instead of  being responsible. You have to be different enough to stand back and take a longer look at what is taking place. And how we may fit into that decision, and how it may effect our example to others around us.

You can go with the crowd, just do not always be influenced by the crowd. Be willing to stand on your own once in a while. Have the confidence that the majority may not be right in some matters just because they are the majority! We need to be different at times, we need to stand out from the crowd! We need to, at times, be a shower of the way and not just a goer of the way!

We need to have the confidence, we just may be right. Be willing to stand up even though we are out numbered. If we do not that may lead to those bad decisions we tend to blame others for. Why? because we did not want to be different, even when it meant we could be right, and they mistaken. The idea here is certainly not to alienate yourselves from others, but be different enough to not always follow!