Monday, March 18, 2013

The proof is in the pudding!

If you have to prove to people you care maybe you really don't, caring without expectation is what catches the eye! When we do for others there should be no strings attached. If we are spending time reminding them in various ways what we have done for them our help becomes empty and void! Because we have done it with the expectation we should be acknowledged for all we have done!

Being genuine is the key to caring for folks. Looking out for their best interest should not come at a cost to them! They should never be guilted into being grateful. And you should never have to remind them or get their approval whenever you have helped them! When you do this to people they will certainly not be grateful. On the contrary they will be just the opposite.

When we have to prove anything we need to check our motives. If we are genuine and truly care, what people know will not be important. In fact you will not want people to know anything  because you have done what you have without expectation and that will be reward enough. The saying, the proof is in the pudding comes to mind here.

Once you have tasted it you know it's pudding no one has to prove that to you any longer. The same should be when we care for for people. The proof should be in the pudding of our life. How will we know this? How will we know they are grateful? They will come back for seconds without being asked! Why? Once people know that you care for them without expectation they know they can trust the ingredients of your motives.