Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why are you reading this?

If you don't have time to get anything done, then why are you taking the time to read this? I hope if you are you are learning you have more time then you know! When I sat down to write this blog I began to wonder, how many people are reading this and still feel they have no time to get through their day? They already have their day full and are starting to stress that time away!

I write this in hopes that folks will truly see, if they have time to read something like this. They will come to the realization they have time and to take it. If you find this interesting enough to stop, and or start your day with. Then I pray you will see the truth that you are beginning to gain on something you thought you had no chance to gain, time itself.

Again just a gentle reminder to the fact, and if we think about it hard enough, all we truly have are the moments we take to just breath. When we stop to smell the roses and take in the sweet smell they give we are learning to live in the time we have been given and become grateful. Our lives are spent on the time lost and how we can regain it instead of living in the time we have now.

Time past is just that, time past, we cannot regain what is past but we can begin to gain on what is now! Why are you reading this if you truly do not have the time? Because you have found you do have time and it is worth not wasting it on worry, and stress, and fretting it away. Why are you reading this? Because you have time!! Matthew 6:25-34