Thursday, January 3, 2013

The time it takes to just pass by.

The time it takes to pass someone by, is exactly the time it takes to tell someone hi! We have more time than we know, and we never know how much it may mean to that person to give them a smile, a handshake, and if you are like me a big hug! Time is valuable only if you invest it in someone!

Jesus always found the time to give to people, as we can find throughout the gospels. One instance I want to share, why it is so important to give someone the time, You never know what they are going through. We never realize the impact how just saying hi or shaking someones hand may make their day and meet a special need.

Jesus was passing by a pool that was used for healing he noticed a man, and He knew the man had been struggling for some time. Jesus stopped, yes He could have passed by, Jesus was a busy man and a great number of people where always needing something. 

But Jesus took the time to ask the man a question, one that would change his life, "Do you want to be made well?" The man was not able to help himself and people were so into their own needs that they never had time for this man. He needed special help as he could not walk, and all he asked was, please lift me in the pool so my life can be changed also! John 5:1-15

It would not have taken anyone of those people more time to stop and help as it took them to just walk by. Jesus made a difference in this mans life by taking a moment of time just to ask a question, just taking the time to see his need and saying I care enough to take time. That man left different that day, Jesus healed him!

The point here is, I know you are not Jesus, but if we take time for someone especially when we feel we have no time to spare. We may experience a life changing event. The person we take time for may just be healed, maybe not physically, but most certainly emotionally. You may be giving that person exactly what they need at that time and that is time.

We may never know the impact we have on someone if we do not see that it only takes as much time to stop as it does to pass by, all it takes is a hi, a handshake, or a hug. That may be all they need at the time, so many people have said to me, that is exactly what I needed! You will never know how much that meant! And I never would have if I had not taken time and just passed by!