Friday, January 4, 2013

Take that time it's yours!!

When we are thinking about time, do not forget to give yourself a little, when we learn to do that, giving time to others comes much easier! Time management is most always a topic of discussion. Take time to rest, take time to vacation, take time for each other!

Do you see what is trying to be said here? It is important to take time for yourself, when we all realize that we will put priority in time investment. My wife and I care for my mom who has Alzheimer's. It can be very stressful at times, the one thing caregivers are counseled to do is, take time for yourselves!

Why? Because when you are healthy the outlook around you becomes healthy. The stress seems to subside, the worry seems to go away. We tend to see light at the end of the tunnel. When my wife and I started really doing this, without the guilt we can put on ourselves, we began to enjoy caring for mom because we looked at her as mom not an Alzheimer's patient!

We are important! Yet when everything else around us takes precedence over us we see that very dimly. We tend to treat others around us the way we treat ourselves, poorly! The Psalmist tells us in 46:10, Be still and know that He is God, being still is the key ingredient. When we learn to do this, take time for ourselves, we learn the importance of care, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

When we do this we see the best life has to offer instead of the worse. We look at folks around us with a little more importance because now we see ourselves with a little more value. When we are treating others badly, or looking down our nose at them, take a look in the mirror, what do you see? A person of value or a person you are looking down on?

The Bible tells us to love our neighbors as our self Matthew 22:34-40, how are we treating others, how are we treating ourselves? Think about taking some time for yourself today, see if it doesn't make a difference. It will take a little time but you are worth it and you will begin to see the worth in others and life around you change.