Wednesday, January 9, 2013

If you can waste it you have it!

If you need to take the time think less about it and take it. The time we waste thinking about the time we need, is the time we need to take!! See we have time!! We have more time than we can ever imagine if we think about it. The time we spend in worry about what we do not have, should tell us we have more than we know!

We need to just start taking the time we feel we do not have and put it to good use, especially on the things that really matter. Family, us, job, and friends, I would say pretty much in that order. We tend to waste more time trying to figure out what to do with time that we lose too much of it!

This morning for instance, as I was trying to write this, my wife Karen came down and asked me to go start the car for her. Now, like many times I let that throw me because we usually have a routine, but this morning it changed a bit. Yet I still was able to sit back down because I did not try and figure it out I just went and got it done and here I am with time to spare.

Amazing, I put to the test my theory of not wasting time by letting little kinks get in the way, or spend the time I needed trying to figure out what had changed. The Apostle Paul was a man who did not get rattled with the small stuff either. He kept in focus what was important and what was not. I know if he tried to figure it all out he would have missed golden opportunities.

Paul was on a ship once heading to Rome for a visit with the Emperor when a bit of a storm blew up! Actually it was one of those Nor'easter storms that just plain can get your attention! Well as the scripture would have it Paul was beside himself with fear and not thinking clearly. NOT!! He had tried to warn them earlier about the danger but they ignored that pressed on and found themselves in a very bad pickle you might say!

Now Paul could have wasted time telling them they should have listened, or got into the I told you so syndrome, but he did not. He took advantage of the situation and became a guiding light to those who felt they had run out of time. Instead of wasting time he took the time to get their attention, to encourage them that he had a word from God that they would all be spared. 

A word, that had time not be taken, would have been lost in the deep with many lives! That is how it works with us we miss so many important opportunities because we allow many distractions in our lives. These distractions cause us to waste precious time. And remember if we can waste it we have it! Acts 27:9-38