Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Take a moment of time!

The moment of time we give this morning will bring a smile to someone today, maybe even you? Take time! When we take time to really think about it, it is always nice when someone stops and at least says hi! It kinda makes you feel a little more like you are part of the world. Like you really exist when people acknowledge your presence.

It is a feel good moment. Knowing how it makes you feel can you now imagine how someone else may feel, or maybe that is the exact moment they need? We never know, as I have said in the past, how just a moment of our time given to someone else can and may make all the difference! They could be just seconds away from giving up or debating weather they have any value at all.

We have all felt that way at one time or another and it was just at that moment someone took time to say a simple hi how are you doing? Or they may have just needed your ear for a moment to share some struggles they may have been dealing with. And when you took the time to listen you found your life was not going so badly and it made you feel a little more important that anyone would want to share their life with you.

Though it is not all about being important, it is about how much importance we put on time and how important it is that we share that time with others. That is what I call feeling a healthy importance and not a prideful one. When we take the time from our own hurts and troubles and give time to someone else who just may need it more. That is when we can feel properly important and have a sense of value because we have put that value into someone else.

In doing so our lives take on a natural importance because we have done what we have without an expectation of reward. That is why it works so well and it is so refreshing to use our time and not let it use us! When we just take a moment out of, what we think we do not have, and give it to someone else the rewards seem to be overwhelming!

People think I am happy all the time, wrong answer, I am not just ask my family!! But what I have learned is when I turn that negative time to smile at someone, or since I am a huger I tend to grab on! Things and thoughts change and my outlook seems to brighten! Because it is just at that moment I have heard many times a resounding thank you, you will never know how much I needed that right now!! WOW!!

 The moment of time we give this morning will bring a smile to someone today, maybe even you? Take time!