Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Me stand still?

We all want time to stand still for us, but we won't stand still for time! When asked the question why can't I seem to get anything done? The answer usually is I don't even have time to stand still. Well lets think about that for a moment.

We will stand in lines at Christmas for the best deal, lines at concerts or sporting events, and even do the tail gate thing all day. Yet we cannot seem to take the time to just stand still and enjoy a moment of healthy quiet and to get our direction back.

You ask the question if I am stopping to have fun with my friends is that not the same thing? It could be, if you are not under their time constraints! Sometimes that is not the standing still we need at all. What we are doing is appeasing someone else who feels they need our time.

I know there have been times in my life when I wished I had just said no when it was not something I really wanted to do. I have learned over the years that no is not a bad word. We need to use it on ourselves more often then we would care to. When we are stressed and looking for a much needed break hanging out with friends who may push us more may not be the still time we need.

We need time to stand still for us yet we need to stand still for time to clear our thinking to re-evaluate our priorities. And most importantly to determine what is best for us and not necessarily what is best for everyone else. Sometimes what is best for everyone is the thing we do best for us and that is get a grip on our time.

I am one of those people who others say, no more caffeine for you buddy or you need to cut back on the sugar! So I am speaking from some experience here I had to learn that no is not bad especially for me! I learned to take time slow down a bit and clear my thinking. Was it hard? Yes to say the least yet when I started doing it, standing still for time, I found I enjoyed the time I had gained so much more.

Why? Because I was in control of my time, time was not in control of me, nor were those around me. For me to sit and write has not been easy, yet I have found when I stop and do this my day seems to be longer. I know it isn't, but it sure seems that way!

I had also found that when I was not standing still for time I was not being still before God!
The One who had given me of His precious time so I could have the life I have. My time for Him has so improved, that my time for me and others has been precious and truly amazing.

We all want time to stand still for us but are we willing to stand still for time? Proverbs 16:3