Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I have the time!

I have found out when I feel I have no time, yet have time for Face Book, twitter, and comments etc. I have time!! It has always been amazing to me that I have time for everything else I like to do. But when it comes to the things I need to do I have no time! It's called priority, setting whats important in front of what really is not!

When caring for my mom in the morning I have a routine. Yet I still find myself pressed for time to do some things I want to do, like this blog for instance! I have found though, when I keep my self focused and stick to the routine things get done with time to spare.

The key word is focus staying the course as we have heard said many times, but that works. I know things can happen that throw a kink in the day, we will have those. The main thing is still remain focused you will find if you do not get rattled you will have ample time to get things done.

And if you do not, Lord willing, there is always tomorrow and that's alright really. Guess what? When you are thinking about the time you do not have, you have time, think about it. When we have time for face book, twitter, making comments about some issue that stirs us we have time.

Take time to step back and re-evaluate, take a look at what you are giving your precious time to if we have time for all the above. Guess what? I have time!!