Saturday, January 26, 2013

It takes time and prayer to heal!

Time I took, and the time people took to pray for me and my back paid off. I am dressed for the first time in over a week! All it took was a little time. If my injury slowed you all down a bit, praise God!! You took time! I am reminded of the story in Acts, when the Apostle Paul was preaching.

 There was a young man named Eutychus, sitting in a window as Paul was bringing the word. He apparently got bored, not sure how with Paul preaching, yet he did. The cost was he forgot he was sitting in an open window and apparently did not take the time to check his surroundings before he dozed.

As a result Eutychus fell from the window, second story no less, which resulted in his death. But Paul being the man of God he was, never missed a beat and wanted no one to be distracted. And taught them a lesson and importance of time management.

He stopped what he was doing, preaching by the way! He went down fell on him (Eutychus) took time prayed and encouraged the people and went back about the business at hand, preaching God's word! Paul was on a time schedule but not one that would hinder him from doing what God had planned. 

Actually he had to leave the next day yet the incident with Eutychus never distracted him from his purpose.Most of us would have been in a frazzle and stressed trying to figure it all out, that is why taking the time to think things through is healthy. 

Not only for ourselves but such an example to those around us. As we take the time God has given us to be rational and know that He is in control the decisions we make most always are controlled and orderly.By the way as a result of Paul not being a typical preacher, having to get his message in! Eutychus life was restored. 

Had Paul gotten frustrated that his time was taken away and he had to waste it on someone who was being silly in the first place. The real power of God's message would have gotten lost! I feel it had to happen for people to see the power of God at work and His love for us always has time and His word will be spoken regardless of any of Satan's distractions!! (Acts 20:7-12).

As you, I hope you will take the time, read these verses you will see that not only did Paul get his message in but the people were excited even more to say the least!!!