Thursday, May 9, 2013

You were warned!

Whatever you choose to do, whatever choice you make, is your responsibility. Do not complain if the outcome turns on you! (Romans 1:16-19). I have heard many people complain that they are broke. Yet they continue to spend, go on vacations, buy cars, clothes, etc.. When they have no money to pay bills, they complain, and cannot seem to grasp how it happened. Usually the blame lies on the company they work for, not giving them enough money or the raises they deserve.

People always complain, they get into trouble. When they drink, take drugs, hang around certain people, knowing this they still do it. When they do this, make these choices, it always seems to be someone else's fault. They never want to take the responsibility for the choice they made. When the warning signs are there and we do not heed them why do we complain of the outcome?

As children we were raised to follow rules, and if we did not there was a consequence. Usually a spanking, a grounding, or a taking away of privileges. Why should it be any different as an adult? Why do we think it strange when life does not go our way. When we choose to go the wrong direction? Believe it or not, what we were taught as children went to the wayside, what we were taught we threw out the window.

In Romans it tell us that in our very nature, are the attributes of God, so we are without excuse! (Romans 1:20). Inside us we know, yet we make choices that go against what our very nature tells us is right and wrong. The one usually to blame here is God. He made me like this, He caused me to be like I am! Wrong answer! God gave us the ability to choose between right and wrong, and gave us either the blessing, or the curse that may accompany those choices!

In closing this blog, let me share what my father always told me because I would not listen! He said son, you will not do what you are told, so you are going to just have to learn the hard way! Boy did I! Did I really have to learn the hard way? Absolutely not, I made a choice to be rebellious, I made a choice to live my life the way I wanted, and wow did it ever cost me! It does not have to be so with you!

Jesus came that we may have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10). Come unto Jesus, give Him your life Today, and see how that choice can make the true difference in your life to last an eternity! Remember you were warned, you have been given a choice, now it's up to you!