Wednesday, May 8, 2013

If I am right is God wrong?

I never want to be so right in my own eyes, that I think I know more, and care more than God (Romans 6:23). God laid out a plan of life for us to follow, and those who did their best for Him, He never let down. These rules for living were put in place to reveal wrong and how to avoid it. Not only that, but after writing and giving these rules for quality life, He gave the consequences for going against them!

Now to some people, they feel this is not fair. But to us who have lived a life of breaking the rules,living with the consequences, I have found God was pretty fair! Everyone, even those who do not believe, have taken scripture and tried to use it to their advantage. That is not why it was given to us. It was given as a road map back to God and the blessings He wants to give us.

There is our way, and there is Gods way. I have seen through the years how our way just has not worked. Even with that, people still do not see that God's way was the best. Reason, rules, people do not like rules, yet they do not like the consequences for breaking those rules. This is the ongoing battle we see here. People just do not want to follow rules.

If they can make everything look, as if it is a good thing, it is the right thing just because they think so, they are taking on the role of God! Believers and nonbelievers do this much to the confusion and dismay of many. As believers, we need to break down the wall of confusion, strengthening our faith daily, being in His word and prayer. We need to be the example of this faith, that nonbelievers see and want some of! Not the opposite!

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. If everything was right and there is no wrong, why than did God send the gift of his Son for us? Why did He have to die for the sins of many if there is no wrong? I think God knew best. I think God knows our hearts better than we do. I think we are not as smart as we feel we are.

The sad part here, because we as Christians have been so wishy, washy, in our walk with the Lord, folks have no reason to believe. Our faith has not been that shining light, the world of darkness needs to see, and give God glory. Instead, being so smart as we are, we have taken the role of god, professing godliness, yet casting doubt all the time! This should not be, we will all one day stand before God and give an account of our rights!!