Monday, May 20, 2013

Our true best gets results!

When we have the best to offer, and do not give it our best, should we expect the best from everyone else? We miss so much when we half step life (Proverbs 15:19). If your best does not come out, if we are not good enough to give it our all, why do we think anyone owes us, or why do we think any less of others when we do not get their best?

Proverbs tells us, the way of the lazy man is like a hedge of thorns, meaning when we do not put forth the effort needed to accomplish life, we are hindered by many distractions. The rest of that verses tells us, but the way of the upright is a highway. meaning, when we give our all, the possibilities are endless. I kinda like that second part.

What we expect out of others and even God, is usually something we ourselves are not willing to do. It is always easier, to put expectations on folks, more than ourselves, because working at life is hard. We want the easy way, yet we will not allow others that same choice. What we put forth out of our own life, is what we most generally get. Usually those thorns that hold us back, that distract us from achieving Gods best in life!

What is holding you back today from giving it your all? What you expect from others, are you willing to step up and give it what it takes? If not, are you willing to stop, take a look, reevaluate your own life before being so hard on others? Are you stuck in the thorn bush of distraction? Get those spiritual hedge shears out and start cutting away.

Clear your path to the highway of possibilities! Don't be lazy. Don't get caught up with distractions. Do not hold back. Give it your all! The best you can, even when you think you cannot. That is when we ask God to give us what we need, at just the right time, strength, power, and His might (Eph. 6:10)! We are not alone, nor do we have to do it on our own!

When we give it our best, when we do all to help others be successful, we find the possibilities are endless. We will find that most folks, will not even have to be prodded, if we lead the way by example. Why half step life, when we can travel down the highway of the best life has to offer? With us all things are impossible, but with God all things are possible!