Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Changing history is just proving the Bible true!

People think they are changing history. All they are really doing, is proving God's word is true! (II Timothy 3:1-7). There is no mistake at all to what is happening in the world today! Yet we as Christians seem to be very amazed at the happenings, the way the world is going. This should not surprise us either, because the word, The Bible, says these things must happen!

In the last days these things must come to pass, calling evil good, and good evil. II Timothy tells us, that perilous times will come. We are warned in numerous scriptures about last days events. Christians seem caught by surprise, as if something strange is taking place, or prayers are not being answered! We as believers, need to start getting back to the word, and back to prayers for souls!

We cannot just agree for the purpose of agreeing, as if this will change things! Times are not going to get better, and the church compromising in these times are not helping! We need to stand on faith that God's word is true! The book we claim so much faith in! We need to be praying for the souls of our friends and family! We need to be getting the gospel out there more than ever!

Professing believers are going the way of the world, because they feel they are not loving as they should. They are not being like Jesus! Wrong thinking, no where in scripture does it ever say we need to do it the world's way! On the contrary, it says just the opposite. The world will not love us, because it does not love Jesus.(John 15:18). We need to be a light in a world of darkness, a pathway to Jesus clearly marked.

Remember, because things may go opposite to how we are praying, does not mean God is not answering! He is trying to show us that prayer is right where He wants us, at His feet in times like these! Do not give up or give in, do not confuse the love of the world as the love of God! We need to get back to basics. We need to get back to preaching the gospel, that souls will be saved, before it is everlasting to late!

The world is going the way Jesus taught, it is going the way of sin. It is going the way of it's own desires and delights! That is exactly why He will return one day soon to take His bride, the church out, and bring judgement on this world! It has to be that way, and that is exactly why things are going the way they are. God's word is true, and Satan is winning the deception battle. Not only with the lost, but with those who profess godliness!

Wars and rumors of wars must happen, but this is just the beginning Jesus said. This is a time that we as Christians need to use the word of God as a road map, back to Him. We need to use the word and compare it with the happenings taking place here, Jerusalem, and all over the world! Do not get in debates, just stand on the word. We are not going to change the world. It's end is promised! Souls saved, is the only change we can make!