Friday, May 3, 2013

Sneaky faith or proudly proclaim?

If you want something done, and you think it is so important, and you think your so right, you should be able to get it done without lying, or being sneaky! If you cannot proclaim it from the mountain tops for all to see, then it may truly not be for you and me! (Ephesians 4:25-32) These verses speak to just this subject, telling us to lie no more and to speak truth to our neighbor!

We as believers should never try and sneak the gospel in anywhere. We should be shouting from the roof tops, Jesus is Lord, and Savior of our lives! We should never use the world's ways to proclaim the Gospel message in any way shape or form. When we do this, what we are telling a lost and dying world, our Lord is not able, so we are slipping this idea in to reach you for Christ! They know, they see!

If we believe the word of God, than we need to preach and teach it all, if we do not, if we pick and choose what suites us, are we not being deceitful  We need to ask ourselves, how do we truly feel when someone lies to us, when a marketer calls on the phone and blindsides us telling us one thing and selling us another! You know what I am talking about here?

How does that make you feel? Angry, time wasted, if they want something why can't they just come out and ask? Upsetting huh? Well think about that when, the next time you have an issue, or an idea, but you feel it will not get a good reception, so you sidestep people with half truths. People like truth, they like it when people come forward with a clear and honest picture of what they truly want, even if they disagree!

We as Christians, have been battling and getting angry at how the world is trying to sneak issues past us, by lying and deception. Are we not doing the same, if we do not stand on the whole teaching of scripture? If we are only screaming and yelling at those times alone, when the world is slipping something by we do not agree with, and quiet the rest of the time is that not deceptive?

We as believers need to walk, talk, and live our faith out everyday, not just when certain issues come up. We need to get back to calling sin, sin, not judging that sin, but leading them to the One who can deliver them from that sin. We need to be hung up on the issues of where they will spend eternity, and not hung up on the one issue of the moment! 

Christians should never come out of the woodwork, on issues of same sex marriage, and abortion only! They should be coming out of the woodwork against what causes these issues, sin! That encompasses many areas, Adultery, drunkenness, sex outside of marriage, lying, cheating, stealing, homosexuality, sodomy, should I go on? Hope you are getting the point?  

We do not gather them in because we are not dealing with all sin! Jesus came and died for our sin that we may live, that is the Gospel message, we are to be fishers, and not cleaners of men! We need to stop giving the world an excuse to point a finger at us for our hypocracy, if we would judge ourselves as we judge others, we as Christians could stop sneaking around and with all the confidence that the Holy Spirit would give us, lives would be changed forever! Even our own!