Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What keeps you?

What keeps you, right now from calling on Jesus? Doubt, you are not alone. Not good enough? You are not alone. Disbelieve? You are not alone. The Apostle Paul was all these things and worse in some cases! Yet when he turned his life over to Jesus, his life was transformed, and became a driving force for the Gospel! (Acts chapters 7-28)

 If you have the faith to drive your car down the highway, you have the faith to believe in Jesus as Savior. Not that easy you say? Well that is exactly what keeps people from believing, it is too simple. Actually, though simple faith is all you need, people struggle! They need proof, well it takes faith. It takes as much faith not to believe in Jesus as it does to believe He is! Think about your life, where you are, where you truly want to be! Me, I choose Jesus, I pray you will also! 

Roman 12:9-13,17