Monday, June 9, 2014

I have a relationship not a religion!

Some people out there think I am close minded because I am a Christian, no, not really! I am faith minded believer who over the past 30 years, have found enlightenment in Christ, my search was over, why should I continue to search for this when I found it in Jesus so many years ago? These folks of other religions and beliefs seem to continue their search for what I have found.

Why would I follow that belief system? I share my faith because of a real and personal life changing relationship I found in Jesus Christ! Now if you chose not to believe, that is certainly your choice. Keep searching as I did never finding contentment with anything, only fault and excuses why I did not believe in the God of the Bible!

Have I seen hypocrisy yes! Have I seen judgmental people yes! Have I seen what religion can do yes! But I was not saved or changed by a religion. I was not changed by being educated. I was not changed trying all the religions of the world, that I never trusted even when I was searching for something! Why in the world would I trust them and the people in them now?

 I came into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, not a religion, nothing man made! By faith I believed, and faith alone! I took a shot with Jesus and He has not let me down yet after over 30 years! Why would I change what works, for something I have watched over the years not work! Now as you can see I am not even using any Bible references this time around, because people accuse me of hand picking scripture to prove my point!

Well now I am just putting out there my changed life, a life that has seen people healed, yes physically! People set free from demon possession, yes I was there in South America to experience first hand! Yes I have studied other religions again and compared them to what I have personally experienced over the years, and still choose my life of faith!

People out there mostly talk from anger, resentment, and doubts they have experienced from organized religions, yes I understand that also, as I was rejected and judged by them to! But my faith was not in the men or women of religion. It was in the One who claimed to be the only way! I made my choice and I am sticking with it why? Experience, I have a relationship and not a religion, that is the difference!