Thursday, December 12, 2013

What words we use?

The biggest problem I see for those struggling with this time of year, are the so many people agreeing that you should struggle because it's that time of year! We should not be reminded that this Christmas season is when so many people struggle! They constantly need the reminder of how precious they are, and what a wonderful gift they are to us and all those around them!

We should always be speaking something encouraging to them, instead we bring up the fact, this time of year is the most difficult for many. Though that may be true, why can't we turn it around, why can't we just use different words? Why can't we share the most difficult time we have had, and how we got through it! Let's get those stories out there instead of always sharing discouraging stories?

We need to see and hear the stories of how someone worked through suicide and got victory! How someone lost a loved one this time of year and how they take the memories and make this time even more special? This time of year, Christmas, is a time we should be hopeful, peaceful, joyous, loving, a time to just share not only the tragedy in our lives but also how we worked through it.

Though I know there are many out there who view this time of year with sadness, we need to point them away from sad, and use that as a tool to reach the opposite, joy! Reminders that this is a time depression increases, suicide is up, etc.. We cannot always make it ok for people to stay where they are in their lives, staying the way they are is not healthy.

We need to let them know more than their depression, there is a way of escape and it's not reminding them of the suicide rate!! Let's come up with stats on survival rates, with the percentages of recovery rates, the percentages of people who have been restored to a place where Christmas has become special again! We have all the negative numbers out how about some research on positive numbers?

I have not been able to easily find any, so I am sure if someone who is struggling is having the same difficulty! People need to see a way out of despair, discouragement, depression, etc.. There are those who have found victory and we need more of those stories. Not the constant reminder of how negative this time of year is for many!

There is hope, lets share that, let's share Christmas in a different light, let us use more words such a special, worth, importance, value, love, compassion, life, people out there need to know they are a gift to themselves and others!  When you hear someone talking about suicide, don't worry what to say, just take time and listen! If they are depressed, take time to listen! If they have suffered loss, take time and listen!

People are not asking for you to feel sorry for them, they are crying out for someone who will not only fix them, but one who will walk with them and listen! People so need to know they are worth it, and they still have purpose!

Proverbs 18:21

English Standard Version (ESV)
21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
    and those who love it will eat its fruits.