Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Functioning in a dysfunctional world!

Show me a family that claims they are not dysfunctional, and I will show you a dysfunctional family! Genesis 37:1-4
No one, and I mean no one, can say they function correctly everyday. I once had a a lady in a church we attended, ask me, are you this happy all the time? I always went around hugging and had a smile for everyone. My answer, and I am being completely honest here, was a big NO! I told her if she wanted to know just ask my family.

We need to be that honest with people, there are no perfect families in the world. Everyone deals with something. Everyone has someone in the family that throws a kink into life, throws a little off balance into family, sometimes even more. Where the trouble really exists in our lives, when we can really see a dysfunctional situation, and we don't admit it!

The only reason people will not admit they have problems, they are trying to portray themselves as perfect. Having it all together, all life's problems and questions answered. They do not realize that in all reality folks have seen beyond what they portray. No one can really hide dysfunction, one way or another it just creeps out.

But what we all need to understand here is this, God uses dysfunction. He uses it and us for His good purposes. We read all through scripture about dysfunctional families and how God worked in them and through them to make a difference in others. I truly believe, if we are not dysfunctional we cannot be used of God! Think about that for a moment. If we are perfect we have no need of God!

God had a plan for Joseph, and if you read about his family and his life you will see a whole lot of dysfunction. His dad was a deceiver, his mom came from a selfish family, and his brothers were jealous and disliked him very much. Yet through all that, and following Joseph's life in Genesis, you will see, God had a plan and Joseph was part of that plan, dysfunction and all!

But what is truly being shown is not the dysfunction itself, but how a young man in the midst of all that chaos, was able to keep his integrity. He was able to stand in the face of adversity, handle life's problems because he lived them. He did not bemoan his situation, he used his situation to keep him strong. But most importantly as you read about his life, God was with him always, and Joseph knew that with his whole heart.

If you are embarrassed about your life and your family, don't be, read about Joseph, as God was with him, He is also with you! Yes, right in the very midst of dysfunction, God is there. When you see that and know that, it is right then, God can and will use you. He will take the dysfunctional and make it functional as only He can.

But first you have to be honest, and instead of hanging your head, lift you eyes to God and say, "Lord I know if you can use Joseph, You have a plan for me! In the midst of all this confusion keep me focused. Help me feel Your presence always even in the midst of the storm. Help me to be honest and not embarrassed, knowing that You love me no matter what and want to use me, dysfunction and all!