Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Loyalty to others or your integrity before God?

If your integrity is on the line, your only option is, never let go of that line!

Proverbs 19:1 "Better is the poor who walks in his integrity than one who is perverse in his lips, and is a fool."

I love the quote, "Loyalty above all else except honor." In the movie Striking distance, Bruce Willis is a police officer who has to wrestle between the love family, or maintaining his integrity! With that choice it became very costly and hurtful to him, yet he maintained his honor! He took the risk of loosing family relationships and a job he absolutely loved, to do right!

Sometimes we are faced with the same choices in life, choosing family, job promotion, friendships, over ourselves. Over what we know is right, and then left alone to deal with the consequences of our choice. We always need to remember, we have to live with ourselves much more than anyone else! Our honor should never be put on the auction block, or pressured to believe that anything is more important!

Joseph was a man who had a family who hated him, sold him into slavery, got a great job only to lose it to the false accusation of rape. Thrown into prison only to be forgotten for two years, yet maintained the most important quality he had been given, integrity! It was more important to him, that he lived his life before God with honor, than how he pleased those around him. Genesis 37-50

Job another man who suffered  though he had lived a life before God, with integrity and dedication. Yet suffered the loss of all he owned, his family, his livelihood and even his health! Though we would look at the lives of these men as being treated unfair, these men maintained their integrity above all else. Before loyalty, before family, before position, why? Because it was more important to them how God felt toward them!

Joseph said to Potiphar's tempestuous wife, as she came at him daily to sleep with her, "how can I do this wickedness and sin before God?" Job, "As long as my breathe is in me, and the breathe of God in my nostrils, my lips will not speak wickedness, nor my tongue utter deceit. Far be it from me that I should say you are right; till I die I will not put away my integrity from me." Genesis 39:9, Job 27:3-5, NKJV

No matter what comes your way! No matter what you lose! No matter the division in family or loss of friends! Nothing can come before your relationship with God and your integrity, "loyalty above all else except honor!"