Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gratitude or just an attitude?

When you wake up thanking God for the day, you will lay down at night thanking God for the day!

Psalm 145:2, "Everyday I will bless You and praise Your name forever and ever."

What a statement to make, everyday I will praise God I will lift up my voice forever and ever. What a great way to start each day, with a attitude of gratitude. King David, even with his mistakes, knew he could not get through a day not having fellowship with God. How many of us out there, try and do it on our own, and wonder why we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It's all about who you are, and what you are grateful for. Now I know no one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. Yet if we start each day just thanking God for what we have, whether a good day or not, our day will seem so much better. King David knew this and practiced this philosophy. He had enemies, even in his own house, yet he found a way to give God praise, why?

David knew where his true joy would come from. It was never in how a day was going, but how his relationship with God was going. You see David did what we do at times, we get complacent and lazy. We leave God out of our activities and forget the great things He has done for us. We forget, and when we get into trouble we are reminded where and to whom we need to return.

David reminds us in the Psalms, it is all in how we start our day, and with who we start it with. We can wake up and be grateful and thankful. Or we can wake up condemning, criticizing and complaining! Wonder which choice would zap our strength more, praise, or the complaint? How about us today, attitude of gratitude, or just an attitude? A day is what we allow God to make it, or us to break it!

Praise God in the storm and watch the sun shine through regardless of the clouds of life.