Thursday, June 6, 2013

When are civil rights not civil rights?

When do civil rights become imposing rights? It is not a civil right just because you choose it to be! Think about some things here, what if the thief who feels it's his or her civil right to take what is yours? What about the person, who feels because they do not like clothing, it is his or hers civil rights to walk around naked? 

Or how about the person who does not like what you stand for, and feels it is there civil right to dispose of you? When the Civil Rights issues were brought forth originally, it was not with the plan to afford anyone who felt they had rights to get there way! Our African American brothers and sister could not use a white bathroom, or drink from the same water fountain, go to the same stores, eat at the same restaurants etc. 

I believe that is what Civil rights afforded them. Not every whim, or personality conflict that comes down the pike! If you think the statements mentioned above are far fetched, take a look around you and see what our Government is trying to either sneak by as a civil right or, force feed us with the sympathy ploy! Choices we make do not make the case for civil rights! 

African Americans could not make choices, they did not have rights, they did not have the same freedoms afforded to Whites. Those were the kind of rights, the civil rights movement paved the way for. Today, no one has to ride in the back of the bus, even though they want to most times. When same sex marriage got passed in Delaware I was not happy, and I was open about that. 

Yet I also said that it would pave the way and had hidden agendas, that would even go against the rights of these folks why? Because enough is never enough, even when people get their way. Enough is never enough and it becomes a civil right! People may have the right to live as they wish, but that does not make it a civil right! 

It just makes it a right. But when your rights take away the rights of others, it is going against everything the civil rights movement stands for! Think about it a while! I know there are folks who will not agree, but I do not write because I want you to agree. You have the right to disagree, but it is not a civil right, it is just a right! 

If you believe the far reaching things I mentioned above cannot happen, the way civil rights issues are being abused and confused, again I say think about it! There are things taking place today people claimed would never happen in this country well? Isaiah 5:18-20, Matthew 24