Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We are not to be all things to all people!

We can not waste our time being all things to all people. We are not God. The one thing we can do for all people is, do all things through Christ, the one who we get our strength. It is only by Him, and through Him, that we can do for people what we do! (Phil. 4:13) We never want to try and do God's work in anyone's life, it has always got to be God working through us that will make the difference in them!

Too many times we want to force feed, we want to be the potter, we want to form people into what we want. That may not be exactly what God wants for any person. If they are truly transformed by the blood of Jesus, He will form them and mold them to exactly where and what He wants them to be. We need to be available to do what He wants us to do from that point in their lives.

We are to disciple, teach, and train them in the word of God. Pray with and for them. We are never told to fix or change anyone! If we are busy with God working on ourselves, He will use that in the life of lost and saved people. As we stay focused on Him, He will keep our focus and perspective on what he has planned, and where He is planning to do it.

We need to take our eyes off the horizontal relationships, and set them on the vertical relationship, and watch God work in our lives. When we do that, as we establish our relationship with Him, it will become much clearer what God wants us to do! We let God do the life changing business, that will put us in the life serving business! As we serve Him better, we will serve His purpose better, and will serve His people better.

We really can do nothing without God in the drivers seat of our life. Jesus said, I am the vine and you are the branches, if a man remain in me, and I in him he will bear much fruit, apart from Me you can do nothing. (John 15:5). We can only do these things through the strength that comes from Jesus. Anything apart from that, is man made. Just a bandage, a temporary fix, that usually leaves us wondering why people fall away as they do!

We need to lead them to Jesus. They need to see Jesus working and living in our lives, that is what they need from us. They do not need to see one thing being said, and another being done! They need to see real faith, faith lived out daily in outlives. We need to stop trying to be all pleasing, all agreeing, all fixing Christians. We are not God! What we are, and should be, are is His instruments to work through, for His good purpose, and His good pleasure!