Tuesday, July 16, 2013

You got it?

Once you got it, you have it, once you have it, you need to give it away, once you give it away you got it! Romans 10:15
There are some out there who feel you can lose it, and some feel you never can. I feel if you could lose it, you may not have had it, and if you feel you can never lose it does not give the license to abuse it. Salvation is nothing we play with, it is a gift from God we do not deserve, Oh grace!!

I feel if we spent more time sharing it, we would have less time worrying about all the other. Now I know there are scriptures that allude to both. More for once saved always saved. I am not here to argue. The point I am trying to make is share it! Share what great things God has done for you when you got saved. Share what He continues to do through you since you have gotten saved.

When you hunger and desire to share the gospel, you have it, and when you have it, no man can pluck you from His hand! If that hunger is not there, you may not have gotten it in the first place? You may need to think about that. If you only want Jesus on Sunday, and He does nothing for you the rest of the week. You either have a relationship problem, or no relationship at all?

But when He has gotten a hold of you, transformed you as only He can, and you know you have been forgiven, Wow! You know you got it, and Jesus has you and all you want to do is tell the world, I AM SAVED!! There are many people sitting in churches today still wondering if they have it, that is sad. Too much social preaching and not enough Jesus teaching.

It is not only the things that appeal to us, we need to hear, we need to be challenged. We need to here the tough things at times, like using the word sin more often. Being reminded why we have church in the first place. It's because Jesus is the church. His death on the cross, His burial, and His rising again on the third day for us, is why the church exists today.  

So do you have it? If not in your heart you know it. But guess what? It is not too late. As long as there is breath in you body, you can get it. Is He calling you now, can you hear His voice? Jesus wants you to have it, He wants you to come to Him. He has been preparing a place for us. Are you ready when He comes? You can have it today, right now! But it takes more than just words, more than a prayer.

It is the transformed life you will have when you truly believe, with all your heart, soul, and mind! You will be changed, you will know for certain when you get it. And when you have it you are going to want to share it! With that comes a blessing in itself. "How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things."

If you don't desire to do this, you need to back up to Romans 10:9-13 and think about your hearts condition, and ask Jesus to do for you what only He can. Change you from the inside out!