Monday, July 15, 2013

Be the difference!

Want to make a difference, be the difference! If people cannot see the difference, they may never want to be different! II Corinthians 5:17
People today, are looking as hard as ever at Christian's. They seem to be able to find more faults and compromising! More excuses why they can do what they do, and that is sad!

It is not that Christians have to live under the legalisms of does and don'ts, yet we are under microscope from the world. A microscope that shows, not much difference between them and the world. That is, and was never God's intention! We need to be different, we need to be a people who attracts and not repels!

Our responsibility to the world, is not, give them more excuses not to trust Christ. But to give them too many reason why they should! We are to be different. We are to stand out. We are not perfect, but our imperfection should not shine brighter than their sin! We need to love them as Christ loves us, and changed us for His glory.

We are not perfect, but we could do better in being examples. If we are in Christ and He in us, old things are passed away new things take hold. The world needs to see we are trying, we are making every effort to serve God with our whole heart. When they see half hearted Christianity, they are no more attracted than they would be to jump off a bridge!

We need to shine forth, we need to be different, not better. We need to have the Jesus in us, that people would jump off a bridge for! How about you? Would people jump off a bridge with you for Jesus, or would they much rather take a detour around you because they have seen anything in you worth jumping for?

Let's not give them excuses not to jump, but all the reasons why they should. Make a difference, by being different. The most important thing they need to see in you is Jesus. If they see too much you, you are not much different than they are?