Saturday, December 22, 2012

Time not a figment!

Have you ever wondered what that meant? I have many times as I have heard many quips and quotes. Time is just a figment of your imagination. Well it really is not, figment means to fabricate, and or make up something. Well God established time from the beginning out of His wanting to set things in order, to shape things up so to speak, it was established and given to us as real. It is what we do with time that makes it either very real or something we would like to imagine away. If we can make time, a figment of our imagination, we are wasting it! Time was given to us as a guideline, to set things in order. We have in all reality 24 hours in a day seems like a lot, but when we start thinking about it, we spend more time dwindling it down, thus the figment part! Still 24 hours whether we like it or not. We can enjoy the time given us if we spend less time dwelling on it and more time living it. Am I saying do not dream, not at all, just don't try and dream time away, it will not work. Instead utilize the time and add your dreams to it and see if you can achieve those dreams. We can imagine the time we would like to have helping people, or just take the time to do it! Genesis 1:1-31