Friday, December 21, 2012

Time investment!

The time we spend now for those who need a moment of our time is an investment well spent! In Luke we see Jesus walking with his followers when a man started calling out for him. Jesus son of David have mercy on me, but those with Jesus did not feel it necessary to take a moment for him. Jesus on the other hand stopped what He was doing in a time of busy commotion said bring him to Me! Jesus took time to hear the man's request for healing, the man just wanted to see, how long could that take? That is how it is for us sometimes, we don't see the needs because we do not take the time! We do not see the results because we won't make the investment of time that it may take. We have to stop and take time to put our money in the bank! Is it not just as important to stop invest a little time in someone? Just a thought! Luke 18:35-41